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Darrelle Revis in a Pats uniform makes Rex Ryan 'sick'


The pride Rex Ryan felt in helping develop Darrelle Revis into an elite cornerback was always accompanied by a healthy fear that Revis would end up playing somewhere else.

Though he wasn't happy to see him go to Tampa Bay back in 2013, Ryan had the draft pick compensation to ease his mind.

Now, he has to see Revis in a Patriots uniform and he'll see him twice a year -- starting Thursday night -- after having a chance to re-sign his favorite player in the offseason. Ryan was interested in a reunion, but his front office was not.

Needless to say, it doesn't make the reeling Jets coach feel too good.

"A little sick to my stomach," Ryan told reporters on Tuesday.

Ryan refused to answer questions about whether he wanted to re-sign Revis this offseason, but the answer is obvious. His scheme hinges on great cover corners, and he watched the best one on the market sign with his biggest rival.

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