Kirk Cousins in no danger of losing job to Colt McCoy


Mired in last place in the NFC East, the Washington Redskins have lost all seven games started by Kirk Cousins over the past two seasons.

Although Cousins is now leading the NFL with eight interceptions, coach Jay Gruden stated emphatically Monday that he has not considered turning to third-stringer Colt McCoy as the starting quarterback until Robert Griffin III returns from a dislocated ankle.

Cousins has been far from an abject disaster as RGIII's fill-in, but it speaks volumes that reporters are even inquiring about McCoy.

It was just three weeks ago that Gruden wouldn't rule out sticking with Cousins for the rest of the season.

Since then, Cousins has tossed seven interceptions while the Redskins' season threatens to slip away.

If this were basketball, Cousins would make for a fine sixth man coming on to spell a brittle starter or inject offense into a lifeless unit. With the highest career interception percentage among current NFL starters, though, he's simply too turnover-prone to take the franchise keys from Griffin.

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