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Brian Hoyer mum on extension with Manziel around


The Cleveland Browns tabled discussions for a Brian Hoyer extension this offseason in hopes that they could work something out at a later date.

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But at this point, it sounds like they might have to forfeit a little bit more than cash if they want to lock up a player who has embodied their recent turnaround.

Hoyer had multiple chances to refute a report from Bleacher Report on Monday that suggested Hoyer would not sign in Cleveland long-term with Johnny Manziel on the roster.

"I don't think I need to say anything more than I'm from Cleveland, and this is where I want to be," Hoyer told reporters, via "But I'm also a competitor, and I want to be somewhere where I'm playing."

He declined to answer a follow-up question.

The development is not necessarily surprising considering that Hoyer has not gone out of his way to sugarcoat his relationship with Manziel. On multiple occasions, the Cleveland native has noted that the two are not best friends.

Depending on how the rest of the season shakes out, though, Hoyer just might be good enough to force Cleveland's hand.

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