Cordarrelle Patterson: 'I'm not a drama queen'


Cordarrelle Patterson isn't going to whine or flip tables because he has exactly two touches in each of the Minnesota Vikings' last two games.

"I'm not a drama queen or anything," Patterson said, per The Star Tribune. "I don't want to go to the offensive coordinator and try to demand the ball. One day, if I get a couple more Pro Bowls and stuff like that, then maybe I can do things like that. The time is not right now."

Got that? Patterson isn't a drama queen like some wide receivers.

Except that he used to be one. And could become one again, soon.

"People say they don't see it but ... you know at junior college, I was a drama queen," Patterson said. "I demanded the ball and it paid off for me. So if things keep going like this, I may have to be that drama queen one time."

Now, why the Vikings aren't utilizing their most dynamic offensive weapon in space is beyond our comprehension. Offensive coordinator Norv Turner hasn't even deemed it necessary to hand Patterson the ball in the backfield -- he has just one carry since his three-tote, 102-yard performance in Week 1. Apparently, Turner can't spare a couple carries from Matt Asiata.

"It's fun being a decoy sometimes because you just open everything else for other people," Patterson said. "My decoy time, it's probably up. Everybody is going to start worrying about everybody else and then they're going to forget about me. I hope it's this week. I hope I get a couple of touchdowns this week."

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