Jason Pierre-Paul: Eagles could have easily been 0-4


The Philadelphia Eagles have won some close games en route to a 4-1 record. In fact, one could argue the Eagles are one yard from 5-0.

New York Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul sees it a different way.

"They could have easily been 0-4,'' he said, per Newsday. "The games were that close. You know it, too! I watch TV. You watch TV, too. The games were close. I feel like we shouldn't go out there and make it a close game.''

We're not sure if JPP moved the Eagles' bye week in this fictional scenario or not.

Poor math aside, the fact is that the Giants sit at 3-2 coming off three impressive performances and could snatch control of the NFC East from the Eagles with a win.

As it generally is, this matchup is more than just about the standings.

"I don't like Philly," Pierre-Paul said. "I don't care at all about Philly. I don't like Philly, you know what I'm saying?"

We know, Jason. Philly knows, too.

In fact, they feel the same way about Pierre-Paul's city. They feel so much so that the Eagles got Bradley Cooper to perform his mock-New York accent in a video:

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