Fred Jackson on Kyle Orton: Good to have vet out there


Kyle Orton made plays down the field that helped lead the Buffalo Bills to a last-second road victory in Detroit.

Several of the pivotal throws Orton made in the fourth quarter were ones we hadn't seen benched quarterback EJ Manuel attempt often, let alone complete.

Running back Fred Jackson told CBS Sports Network's Jim Rome on Monday that having a veteran presence in the huddle made all the difference.

"(Orton) did a tremendous job for us in the huddle," Jackson said, per "Definitely good to have a veteran out there, telling us what he was seeing on defense. He made some plays and put some guys in a position to make plays."

Jackson added that the entire team, even Manuel, was on board with the move to Orton. But the veteran back  -- who the Bills have tried to replace multiple times by drafting Marshawn Lynch and C.J. Spiller -- spoke to the young quarterback about keeping his head in the game.

"I did reach out," Jackson said. "It's not something you want to deal with as a player, being told you didn't get the job done and we're going to look to someone else. That can be very frustrating. I just wanted to make sure he was OK. He's just like any other player. He didn't like it but he wants to win games. He's going to continue to come to work, bust his butt and be that player we want him to be down the road."

We've said on many occasions that this is a Bills team with the surrounding talent to make noise in the AFC East if the quarterback can play better. For at least one game that proved true.

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