Darren Sproles felt disrespected by New Orleans Saints


When the New Orleans Saints couldn't make up their minds whether to release or trade Darren Sproles early in the offseason, the running back's wife publicly ripped the organization.

Now we know Sproles' wife wasn't alone in her resentment.

Sproles said Thursday that he felt "disrespected" by his treatment at the hands of the Saints last March.

"Listen, I understand this is business and all of that, but (when they pulled off the trade) they put it up on Twitter," Sproles said, via NJ.com's Mark Eckel. "That's how I found out. There was a screen shot and a friend of mine texted it to me. I felt they did me wrong.

"First Sean (Payton) told me they were going to cut me. Then I find out on Twitter they're trading me. That's just not right."

Sproles' own Twitter page backs up his account:

Much like Steve Smith, Sproles has been one of the season's brightest surprises.

It's not the only similarity between the two veteran stars. One day after Smith completed his victory lap around his former organization, Sproles felt compelled to do the same on a smaller scale.

He's earned it.

Struggling to generate big plays despite a loaded roster that had Drew Brees dreaming of Super Bowls, the Saints aren't the only team that could use a player of Sproles' unique playmaking ability.

The Eagles acquired one of the most valuable players of the season's first quarter for the price of a future special teamer.

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