Bernard Pollard: I wouldn't root for Tennessee Titans


Four weeks into the regular season and it's already over for the Tennessee Titans.

That's what the Around The NFL Podcast decided on Wednesday when we "stuck a fork" in the team that Dan Hanzus correctly noted has "zero identity and it's been that way for several years now."

Titans safety Bernard Pollard doesn't disagree.

"We need to just show up and play," Pollard said Wednesday, per USA Today. "As far as saying we need the fans to show up and back us up, they've been backing us up since we've been here. You want to call them fair-weather fans and say they don't show up, rightfully so. I wouldn't root for this team, either, because we're a team that comes out and shows greatness one time and then we come out and drop an egg. We can't do that."

Pollard, like the fans, is tired of watching the Titans go through the motions on Sunday afternoon.

"I'm going to try to (tick) some people off," Pollard said. "We have talent. We have guys that can take the roof off and guys that can be stars in this league. It's time for us to do that. We're a 1-3 football team. The first quarter was ... horrible. We sucked butt. I say that again, and I mean what I say: We were horrible. But we have a shot at being a very good football team, and I'm going to try and pull that out of all of us. ... Right now, we're doormats to a lot of people around the league."

The Titans have a chance to shut everyone up -- including their own players -- with back-to-back home games against the Browns and Jaguars. Better teams around the league would use that soft two-game stretch to heal all wounds, but can Tennessee take care of business?

The Fork Committee doesn't think so.

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