Geno Smith bristles at Michael Vick questions


Geno Smith is having a bad week. His team is in a deep slump, and his play is a big reason why. The ugly F-bomb incident involving a fan at MetLife Stadium was the cherry on top of a dirt sundae.

The Jets locker room is no bastion, either. It's there that reporters ask about Michael Vick, and whether the veteran backup could provide a spark to the offense. Smith bristled at the notion on Wednesday.

"I don't know what you're trying to lead to with that question," Smith said, according to the New York Daily News. "Maybe that's your opinion."

"What do you mean a spark?" a defensive Smith continued. "We've already put him in."

Smith refers, of course, to the Jets' seldom-used Vick package, which has found scant success this season. Later, Smith was again asked about the potential benefits of more Vick playing time.

"That doesn't make sense," said Smith, whom the Daily News called "clearly agitated" by this point. "What team do you see doing that? ... That's not a question. Next question."

One of Smith's best characteristics in the early part of his career has been his ability to handle the New York spotlight in times of turbulence for himself and the Jets. This wasn't the first time Smith has been short with the media this week, and his fan incident has been well-documented.

Smith clearly is feeling the pressure. How he performs under it on Sunday in San Diego is one of the more interesting subplots to follow in Week 5.

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