Watkins sees differences between Orton and Manuel


The Kyle Orton era has begun in Buffalo, and Bills players already see the difference with the veteran passer running the show.

"We just had a different approach to practice," wide receiver Sammy Watkins said, according to ESPN.com. "(Orton) demands what he wants out of us. He's more of a veteran guy. The way he talked, the way he handles business, the way he looks at plays and breaks down defenses, it's kind of different than EJ.

"He reads it quicker, the ball is coming out faster. That's just some things that we have to adjust to."

Wide receiver Robert Woods has also picked up on the change.

"His directness in the huddle," he said, "telling us what to look for and be ready for when we're breaking the huddle when he calls the play."

Bills receivers had no problem making a direct comparison between quarterbacks, but Orton wasn't nearly as comfortable when prompted to do the same. During a meeting with reporters in front of his locker, Orton was asked how he'll run the offense better than Manuel.

"Not saying that I will," Orton replied. "I mean, that's a loaded question. That's a crap question."

These have to be trying times for Manuel. His team no longer sees him as the answer; reporters have migrated over to a different quarterback's locker; and teammates have wasted no time explaining how the new guy does it better.

Fortunes change fast in the NFL. Manuel is living proof.

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