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Jimbo Fisher takes issue with Dave Doeren's complaints

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Florida State QB Jameis Winston threw for 365 yard and four touchdowns vs. N.C. State.

It might not be a good idea to get coaches Jimbo Fisher of Florida State and Dave Doeren of North Carolina State in a room together anytime soon.

Doeren took a couple of shots at FSU in the wake of the Seminoles' 56-41 win over the Wolfpack on Saturday:

1. "There was some unbelievable holding by their offensive line that apparently is invisible."

2. "The tempo we had (in the first quarter) was working until all the crazy fall-down things were going on and the clock kept stopping. You know the refs can't do anything about that, but it's horrible the way the tempo gets slowed down by these injuries. We went fast in the first quarter; I guess there were no fake injuries."

Fisher didn't feel the need to respond to Doeren's comments about the holding penalties; after all, a coach could complain about non-calls after every game -- though few do because it is seen as sour grapes from a losing coach.

But asked about Doeren's "faking injuries" accusation, Fisher did fire back Monday during his weekly news conference.

"I accuse him of not knowing what he's talking about," Fisher said. "We did not fake injuries. We wouldn't do that."

Fisher wasn't done: "He can coach N.C. State and we'll coach FSU."

N.C. State built a 24-7 first-quarter lead, then was outscored 49-17 the rest of the way. The reason FSU won? Quarterback Jameis Winston was 26-of-38 (68.4 completion percentage) for 365 yards and four TDs in rallying the Seminoles to the win. Hmm -- maybe N.C. State should have faked some injuries to try to stymie Winston because whatever the Wolfpack was doing on defense certainly did not work.

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