Steve Smith highlights post Ravens' win over Panthers


Steve Smith Sr. entertained like Maximus Decimus Meridus during Sunday's 38-10 thrashing of the Carolina Panthers, his former team.

The now-Baltimore Ravens' receiver characterized his 139-yard, two-touchdown day as just "business."

Since Smith currently holds the belt for "Best Talker in the NFL" we'll just provide the highlights of his postgame press conference:

(On his feelings entering this game) "... I was ready to play ball once I was out there. Now it's on the ending. Going to watch a few highlights, eat a little apple pie, move on."

(On emotions playing former teammates) "That's kind of what I came here to do is be all business. Once we go between those lines that friendship ... they weren't going to help me up, and I wasn't expecting I was going to put my hand up to be helped up."

(On if he got vindication) "... I just played, and at the end of the day, honestly, they didn't deserve anything I had to say that would be derogatory, and I had no need to. They didn't even deserve for me to spin the ball on them. I just caught it, and put it down and got on about my business. It was all business, and that's what it's always going to be."

(On being a Raven) "... (The Ravens) have two (Super Bowls), Carolina has zero. I know I went to public school, but two plus zero, I'll take that. They understand. They know, and they have the recipe. It says a lot without even saying anything, and that's one of the reasons I wanted to come here."

(On his definition of Blood and Guts) "Blood and guts, honestly, at the end of the day is about your heart and soul and putting it out there. Guys got hurt. ... There's blood out there. It's going to be out there. Blood and guts just means I'm going to go hard, and I'm going to play my butt off. They knew that, and they understood that. They game-planned for me."

(On if he proved he can still play) "That film was a coaching session. They're going to be coaching. I'm 35 years old, and I ran around them boys like they were schoolyard kids."

You can read the entire transcript on the team's official website.

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