Chris Johnson wants the New York Jets to run more


A lot of New York Jets fans are calling for running back Chris Johnson to get the ball less, and Chris Ivory to get the ball more. Johnson unsurprisingly sees things differently.

"Of course we want to run the ball more times and get into where we run the ball 35, 40 times a game, and give us both the opportunity to get a chance to run the ball hard," Johnson told reporters this week, via the New York Post. "I know we both envisioned probably getting more carries, not just us both getting 10, 12 apiece. Probably more than that. A lot of times, you've got to go how the game goes, and we've been put in situations where we've had to throw the ball."

Johnson thought that he and Ivory have done "pretty well" with the opportunities they got, but the two players are hardly equals. Ivory is averaging 5.7 yards per carry to only 3.5 for Johnson. Ivory has 32 more yards receiving than Johnson despite seeing five fewer targets.

The Jets would love to be in a position to run the ball more and take some pressure off Geno Smith. But they should be giving the ball more to Ivory, and less to Johnson.

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