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Philbin accepts responsibility for causing distraction


Ryan Tannehill told reporters on Wednesday that Joe Philbin's decision not to name a starting quarterback this week had become a distraction for the Miami Dolphins.

Tannehill took matters into his own hands, confirming he'll be the starter when the Dolphins meet the Oakland Raiders in London. On Thursday, Philbin addressed Tannehill's comments.

"Let me just say this: One of the functions of the head coach is to create an atmosphere free from distractions and, to the degree that I contributed to any of those distractions, intended or not, it doesn't really matter," he said. "That falls on me. It's my responsibility. Certainly, I accept that responsibility as the head coach. Really that's all I have to say on that."

Barry Jackson of The Miami Herald reported that Philbin told players in a team meeting on Thursday morning that he regretted causing a distraction and said a similar situation wouldn't happen again, according to two people who were inside the meeting.

A league source told Jackson that Philbin was similarly contrite in a private meeting with Tannehill.

Philbin has wisely shifted into damage control mode as his public reluctance to back Tannehill turned into a big story. We'll see if he's done enough to keep a hold on his locker room.

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