Fitzpatrick: Facing Bills adds 'extra fuel' to matchup


Ryan Fitzpatrick faces many of his former teammates Sunday when the Houston Texans host the Buffalo Bills.

Fitzpatrick was given his first full-time gig in Buffalo -- who eventually paid him outrageously -- but was cut prior to last season.

Now with the Texans, the journeyman we like to call Fitzmagic said Sunday's game is "special" and he isn't resentful that the Bills cut him in the middle of his big contract.

"There's definitely no hard feelings with the way that it went down," Fitzpatrick told the Buffalo media in a conference call, per WGR radio. "I think the little added extra whatever it is I'm gonna feel in this game is more so because of the guys I'm playing against, and just having so many good buddies. That's what's gonna give me that extra fuel, that extra competitiveness in this game."

Facing a Bills defense that has been stout up front and stellar on the back end will be a challenge to a Texans' offense that was muted last week. Fitzpatrick played well in the first two weeks -- posting back-to-back 100-plus passer ratings -- as the Texans held leads and were able to rely on the running game. But, as he did often in Buffalo, when asked to shoulder the load last week he threw picks and played poorly.

Fred Jackson, one of Fitzpatrick's former teammates, said he wishes the quarterback success, just not this Sunday.

"Not this week, nope. He's gotta have the worst game of his career against us this week. And I'll be okay with that," Jackson said. "On the sideline I'm sure he'll be yelling at me and I'll be yelling at him. It'll be a lot of fun to participate in, and hopefully we go out there and get a win, and I can continue to talk noise to him."

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