Rex Ryan defends Geno Smith's play after Jets' loss


Climb back on to the GenoCoaster, New York Jets fans, grab that security lap bar and hold on tight. This ride could make you nauseous.

After two promising weeks, Geno Smith reverted to his up-and-down rookie ways Monday, making several poor decisions -- including an awful red-zone interception -- in a mistake-filled 27-19 loss to the Chicago Bears on Monday Night Football.

Jets coach Rex Ryan, however, isn't afraid Smith might have taken a step back.

"Guys, this ain't the same quarterback as he was at the beginning of last year, I don't care what people say," Ryan said. "Did he make a mistake? Absolutely. Their quarterback made a mistake but the difference was, they caught the ball and we didn't. ... I feel good about this football team and I feel good about Geno Smith."

Apparently, Ryan loves roller coasters.

Smith's play is only part of the trouble with the offense -- questionable play-calling and lack of playmaking receivers are big problems. However, the quarterback rightfully took blame for the red-zone struggles.

"It starts with myself," Smith said, per the New York Post. "I've gotta make sure that when we get down in that red zone -- we were one-for-six today, and that's completely awful. We don't ever expect to ever go one-for-six because we hold ourself to a high standard, and it starts with me."

Smith missed several plays -- including a wide-open Jeremy Kerley on the Jets' final fruitless drive -- and made some terrible passes once the field compressed.

The second-year signal-caller doesn't believe he's regressed.

"As far as a step back, there's no step back in any direction," Smith said. "We're moving forward, we're going to learn from that and get better."

Moving forward is one step for Smith. But remember: Roller coasters move forward, too.

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