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CFB Social: Week 4 in college football through social media


Week 4 of college football is underway and social media is buzzing at the action. Here are the best tweets, vines, videos and more from across the country.

QB Dak Prescott turned in celebratory-worthy performance in Mississippi State's upset of LSU.

Nobody can say Miami's social media manager isn't polite -- or that @FauxPelini isn't funny.

What's wrong in this picture? Hint: It is not the American flag.

Tim Tebow knows working for SEC Network has its priviliges -- like sideline access to watch your alma mater on the road.

Against Bowling Green on Saturday, Wisconsin's Melvin Gordon finally had the big day everyone has been expecting. He rushed for 253 yards and five touchdowns on just 13 carries.

Celebrating wins with emojis is not exactly Big Ten-esque by Maryland.

Pro Football Hall of Famer Y.A. Tittle is back in Baton Rouge for an LSU game today and the photos coming from Tiger Stadium look great.

It's ... perfect.

These Fordham uniforms are really well done as the team honors the NYPD.

All it needs is Tim Tebow to be the perfect SEC photo.

Positive things about Purdue football right now? Clearly the food is one of them.

Geaux Tigers, the official team of undertakers everywhere.

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