Shanahan: Probably no Manziel package Sunday


While the Browns were open to playing Johnny Manziel last week against the Steelers, the rookie quarterback doesn't appear to be in the plans for Sunday's meeting with the New Orleans Saints.

"Probably not," play-caller Kyle Shanahan said of Manziel seeing subpackage work, per Daryl Ruiter of WKRK-FM. "But that always depends on what you're going against -- what the looks are -- how everything is going as a whole. There are really no absolutes, but week in and week out, it has to do with what I see on tape with who we're going against."

The Browns didn't need Manziel on the field to rip off 24 unanswered points in the second half of Sunday's 30-27 loss to the Steelers. Starter Brian Hoyer kept the mistakes to a minimum while directing a run-heavy attack that chewed up yardage en route to four straight scoring drives after the break.

Much of that success came through a no-huddle approach that saw Hoyer complete 80.0 percent of his passes in the hurry-up compared with just 52.4 out of the huddle. While Shanahan hinted at using more no-huddle looks against the Saints, coach Mike Pettine isn't interested in making that the heart of the scheme.

"The up-tempo, it's a weapon, but it's not our lifestyle," Pettine said. "It's something that we can use as a change-up. We're still running the same plays, just at a faster pace. We have to be able to execute our base offense."

Cleveland's base offense didn't include Manziel in the opener, and it won't on Sunday, either, unless Shanny has something up his sleeve.

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