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Cardinals GM: Andre Ellington like Jamaal Charles, CJ2K


Several Arizona Cardinals coaches told game analyst Ron Wolfley in training camp that the organization views breakout candidate Andre Ellington as its version of Jamaal Charles.

Appearing on Daniel Jeremiah's Move The Sticks Podcast on Wednesday, Cardinals general manager Steve Keim confirmed the organization views Ellington in that light.

"When you look at body type, and his frame, and the way he runs the football, I think there's a chance he can end up being like a Chris Johnson, like a Jamaal Charles," Keim said. "That's the kind of guy I see Andre Ellington being in the future for us."

Even if Ellington doesn't share the sub-4.40 straight-line speed the other two boast, he certainly has the receiving ability and the dynamic movement skills to make defenders miss in space like Charles and an early-career Johnson.

If the Cardinals are going to adhere to coach Bruce Arians' prescription of 20-30 touches per game, Ellington will be under heavy pressure to prove he can remain durable and move the chains between the tackles when needed -- as Charles and the CJ2K version of Johnson have.

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