Arians: Eli will need weeks to learn Giants' new offense


Change is hard. Eli Manning knows this. And so does the coach of his Week 2 opponent, Bruce Arians.

Arians remembers the growing pains as he attempted to install his own offensive system with the Arizona Cardinals last year. Arians believes it takes up to half a season to reboot the thinking process of a veteran quarterback.

"I did this with Carson Palmer last year," Arians said Wednesday, according to the New York Daily News. "He had been in the same system pretty much nine years and he has ideas, then you are trying to re-program. It is much easier getting a rookie and brainwashing him than it is to take a veteran and change him totally into a new system.

"I try to never judge a quarterback in a new offense until Week 8."

Manning remains very much a work in progress as he absorbs the principles of Ben McAdoo's offense. That was evident in both the preseason and Monday night, when Manning looked tentative and unsure of himself in an uneven performance against the Detroit Lions.

"It was Week 8 for us last year," Arians said of Palmer's grasp of the Cardinals' offense in 2013. "Then, all of a sudden, you could see the guys around him start to get it and play faster and play better."

The Giants' season was over by Week 8 last year. That could again be the case if Manning doesn't jump ahead of the learning curve.

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