Panthers kicker pushes trombone player at halftime


Public service announcement to trombone players everywhere: Stay clear of Panthers kicker Graham Gano.

During halftime of Carolina's 20-14 win over the Buccaneers on Sunday, Gano shoved a Bethune-Cookman University trombone player out of the way to clear space for his warmups. Take a gander:

The surreal scene was the product of poor timing, with the Tampa Bay Times reporting that the band arrived later than planned, forcing Gano to contend with a sea of bopping musicians.

Band director Donovan Wells said his crew was tardy because of a bus voyage from Daytona Beach that was slowed by thunderstorms and highway traffic. Wells wrote a letter of apology to the Bucs and vowed "no ill feelings" with Carolina's kicker taking matters into his own hands.

Gano also went out of his way to apologize after seeing his phone blow up with texts as the video went viral.

"I was just having fun with it," Gano said, per's David Newton. "It was not like I tried to knock the guy out or anything. Hopefully, I can get a hold of the guy and just say I'm sorry."

UPDATE: "I just spoke with my friend Marquel Ballard from Bethune-Cookmans marching band and all is forgiven!" Gano tweeted on Monday. "We both laughed off the incident when the band came onto the field as I was kicking and he understood that we were both doing our jobs. He is an extremely talented trombonist who never skipped a beat yesterday which was very impressive! Since he's an Atlanta Falcons fan, I have offered him two tickets and field passes for our game in Atlanta."

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