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Robert Griffin III, Johnny Manziel spoof apple stunt


A outtake from Nissan's "Heisman House" advertising campaign features former Heisman winner Robert Griffin III firing a pass to knock an apple off the head of Griffin's Heisman successor, Johnny Manziel.

Or, at least, a Manziel mannequin that was switched in to replace the real Manziel at just the right moment. Behold, RGIII's chicanery:

Yeah, the stunt crew for this clip might have come up a little short. Griffin's insistence that the stunt was real comes with a wink of sorts, and Manziel himself tweeted in a similar vein.

Griffin hopes to be as accurate on Sept. 7, when the Redskins' regular season opens on the road against the Houston Texans. Hitting apples with footballs won't seem so tough for Griffin with Jadeveon Clowney in pursuit.

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