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Cowboys expect four-game suspension for Josh Brent


The Cowboys expect the NFL to announce its punishment of former defensive tackle Josh Brent before the start of the 2014 season, possibly as soon as Friday. According to a team source, the Cowboys -- who plan to re-sign Brent as soon as he is able to resume his career -- are bracing for a four-game suspension.

Brent was the driver in a Dec. 2012 car accident that killed his friend and ex-college teammate, former Cowboys practice squad linebacker Jerry Brown. He retired before the 2013 season and was later convicted of intoxication manslaughter, serving five months in jail and 45 days in a drug and alcohol rehab center. He has remained in the Dallas area, and the Cowboys have said they will welcome him back to the team once his situation is resolved by the league.

Earlier this month, Brent met with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. The Cowboys believe that Brent will likely face a suspension as a direct result of a reported positive test for marijuana in May of 2013, when he was under court supervision while awaiting trial.

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