Jeff Fisher on Sam Bradford: 'You never get used to it'


St. Louis Rams coach Jeff Fisher spoke with confidence Sunday about marching his team into the regular season with Shaun Hill at quarterback.

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That determination to press on, though, didn't come instantly, with Fisher first having to confront the loss of his franchise passer for the second consecutive campaign.

He told Peter King of The MMQB on Sunday night that he knew Sam Bradford's knee was history the minute a Rams trainer called him to say, "Come on down to the trainer's room."

"I could tell," Fisher said of seeing Bradford huddled with medical personnel. "I could sense it, and feel it in the room."

You worked so hard. This should not have happened. Those are the words Fisher recalls telling Bradford, before realizing what it meant for himself and the team.

"We've got to go on," Fisher said, "and that's basically what I told Shaun Hill. Shaun shifts gears, and we go. I told him, 'This is why you're here. Let's go.'

"But, obviously I've been through this before, and you never get used to it," Fisher said. "Never. It's terrible. I took this job for two reasons: Mr. (Stan) Kroenke, the owner, and Sam, a really good starting quarterback. Now we don't have him. And he's facing a grueling rehab. It's tough."

That rehab is made even more challenging considering Bradford's hazy future with the team. With his deal set to expire after next season, the Rams have a pivotal, honest decision to make about their oft-injured starting quarterback -- while certainly eyeing the upcoming draft for a rookie to groom.

After all, Fisher knows as well as anyone how quickly things change in the NFL.

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