Manning brothers strike again with latest music video


We don't feel the need to do too much setting up of the above video, because that would simply delay you from watching it.

So, go ahead and enjoy "Fantasy Football Fantasy," the new DirecTV music video starring Peyton and Eli Manning.

You back? How great was that? Some things that stood out to us, in no particular order:

» Eli auto-tune in space

» Peyton mean-mugging

» Joe Namath macking on that one dude's mom while stirring a stew

» The song, which is legitimately catchy

» Peyton as the moon

» "Like an end zone that ends in a waterfall/A shower that showers you in tiny footballs"

All in all, definitely some next level stuff and a clear step up from the Alexander Graham Bell-disrespecting "Football On Your Phone."

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