Geno Smith: Jets should look into using Vick in Wildcat


Could we see even more Wildcat from the New York Jets in 2014?

Rex Ryan's team used the formation a league-high 38 times last season, a wrinkle in the game plan that found limited success. With Michael Vick now in the picture, there continues to be speculation the Jets could lean even harder on the 'Cat.

That would be fine with Geno Smith, who insists the formation didn't throw him out of rhythm during his rookie season.

"I think it helped us," Smith said after practice on Sunday, according to the New York Daily News. "It kept us on schedule many times. ... I think it was pretty successful."

Smith added that using Vick in the Wildcat is "definitely something to look into."

Of course, Smith has every reason to want Vick in a sub-package for the Jets. Smith is in a competition with Vick for the team's starting job. If Vick is running the Wildcat, Smith is the starter.

Smith said he didn't how much the Jets would use the Wildcat, "or if we'll do it at all." Vick was similarly tight-lipped.

"We aren't going to say when it's going to happen," Vick said. "It's just going to happen. That's our little secret, and we keep that amongst us girls. So we are going to make that work."

Vick has maintained he's not truly competing for the starting job this summer. If that's indeed the case, it makes plenty of sense that he'd want a Wildcat role. After all, Vick knows it could take just one electric play to alter the organization's mind-set.

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