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FSU's 'Ask Jameis' Twitter chat leads to critiques of star QB

Steve Cannon/Associated Press
Florida State's Jameis Winston became the target of social-media jokes on Sunday.

We're just a few short weeks away from the college football season, but it can still be a little slow on the news wire with nothing but a few training camp reports coming out of each program.

At Florida State, the public relations folks seemed to notice this slowdown on Sunday and decided to ask the Twitter-verse if it had any questions for Heisman Trophy winner Jameis Winston.

As one could imagine, it turned into an opportunity for fans to take shots at Winston. Not all tweets were negative, but many fan responses turned into a question or snide comment about Winston's off-the-field issues, including the hot water he landed in after being cited for shoplifting crab legs from a local grocery store.

Naturally, the massive amount of negative tweets directed toward Winston is probably not what the Seminoles PR staff had in mind. Call it a case of good idea in theory but with bad execution.

Still, Winston has shown himself to be pretty media savvy and knows how to deal with negative fan reaction. Yes, he was trending on Twitter for several hours on Sunday, but it was mostly for the wrong reasons.

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