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Texas A&M unveils fancy new football locker room

Texas A&M/12th
Texas A&M unveiled its updated football facility on Thursday.

College athletics is like a never-ending arms race when it comes to facilities. Just when you think you have the latest and greatest, along comes another program that builds something even bigger, flashier and cooler.

Case in point might be Texas A&M's new Bright Complex. While The House that Johnny Manziel Built (i.e. Kyle Field) isn't fully renovated, the football team's facilities next door are just about done undergoing a $20.8 million update. Thursday was the day when the Aggies unveiled all the fancy graphics and gizmos around the Bright Complex, and you'd have to be a Texas Longhorns fan to think the new diggs are not impressive.

Yes, that's eight TVs and a neat looking waterfall in the hydrotherapy pool room.

Naturally, the team's connection with the NFL and the various draft picks the school has produced is featured prominently for all to see.

The most interesting part, at least to recruits and the players on the team, might be the exclusive barbershop located in the facility.

Not surprisingly, the A&M players were impressed and overjoyed to see the place they'll call home for much of the season. posted a pretty extensive photo gallery of the Bright Complex on Facebook if you're interested in more images. The school also gave the local media a tour and you can get a sense of all of the bells and whistles the Aggies stuffed into the space.

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