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CFB Social: Alabama players make fun of Nick Saban's new hat


The College Football 24/7 home page and @NFL_CFB Twitter account are great ways to keep up with all the major news surrounding the college game. But what about the things that pop up on social media and don't make the headlines?

Well, we've come to answer that call by scouring Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and other social-media networks some coaches can't pronounce to find some of the best posts each week. Here are some of the things that caught our eye this week:

Nick Saban shot this video in which he dons a Luigi hat -- and let's face it, he seems like more of a Mario guy anyway -- but it went viral and naturally his players took to Twitter to note they'll be ribbing their coach when he gets back to Tuscaloosa.

The arrival of conference media days means the arrival of photo shoots for players, and naturally Heisman Trophy winner Jameis Winston did what he could to throw in some poses that kept things light.

We'll just go out on a limb and say the Michigan weight room is way, way better than whatever Crossfit workout you did this summer.

If your team's facility is lacking the latest amenities, might we suggest you win the Rose Bowl in order to get an update? It certainly worked for Michigan State, which posted pictures of their updated digs this week.

Pac-12 Media Days were held on the Paramount lot in Hollywood this year and that's not a bad excuse for the Arizona State players to drop by and say hello to one of the more recognizable Sun Devils in the industry.

Speaking of the Pac-12, we're just going to leave this right here.

As cool as Mike Leach is, he didn't get to meet and greet with rapper Nelly this week like the Big 12 coaches did. Is there any combo of people that are more polar opposites than Charlie Weis and Nelly?

Speaking of coaches, Art Briles knows that you have to always be recruiting and did just that on Twitter this week.

Briles also made the headlines this week for challenging folks to go to a Dairy Queen in Salem, Ore. and ask if they've heard of Bryce Petty. One radio station ended up taking him up on the offer. Turns out the fine folks in the Pacific Northwest hadn't heard about the NFL draft prospect, so Baylor decided to make light of the situation with this video.

Not bad, but that Baylor video still wasn't enough to win the Big 12 Media Days title away from West Virginia this year.

It's a well-known fact that Mike Riley likes to give his team In-N-Out after a big Oregon State win, but perhaps he will be looking in a new direction in 2014 judging by this photo.

Four-star offensive lineman George Brown chose to announce his school choice in an interesting way Friday -- by picking up a live baby alligator.

Finally, we leave you with this beyond creepy photo from Minnesota's Goldy the Gopher mascot in Chicago.

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