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Football is back! We've got you covered from July 24 through August 5 with NFL Network's "Inside Training Camp Live" providing 12 hours of live coverage each day beginning at 10 a.m. ET. Every day we'll feature highlights from the show and our reporters in the field. Here's today's batch.

» Michael Robinson said on air, "Marshawn Lynch just called me, we just talked. He said he will be holding out from training camp this year with the Seattle Seahawks." Find out more on Around The League. Who says news can't break late in the day?

» Darrelle Revis opened his first training camp with the Patriots and made quite an impression -- and not merely because, in the words of NFL Media's Randy Moss, he was wearing "neon yellow shoes about the color of goal post uprights." Revis' edge in drills lay in his "doing the Darrelle Revis thing," per Moss. Back in the studio, Mike Tannenbaum, who drafted Revis in 2007, said that Revis is "one of those players that he has attributes that you can't see," such as toughness and competitiveness.

» Per NFL Media's Aditi Kinkhabwala out of Berea, Ohio, Johnny Manziel seems off to a good -- or technically perfect? -- start to his first season in the NFL. Nate Burleson, who Kinkhabwala ran into after the wideout practiced with the rookies, said Manziel "didn't make any mistakes today." Following head coach Mike Pettine's announcement that the team's starting QB won't be named until Aug. 23, it appears that a legitimate QB battle could be nigh.

» During a Training Camp Primetime roundtable with Scott Hanson, Warren Sapp and Willie McGinest, Sapp insisted that it would be best for the Cleveland Browns if Johnny Manziel sat during his rookie season. "Once you insert Johnny Manziel in the starting lineup, he has to be your guy. You cannot go back to (Brian Hoyer)" Sapp said. However, McGinest took a more open stance. "If Brian Hoyer gives you the best opportunity to win ... you go with him," McGinest said. "But if Johnny Manziel comes on the scene and blows him away in training camp and blows him away in the preseason, and it's not even close? Then you gotta play him." Willie McGinest: a man of the people.

» An interesting anecdote from NFL Media's Kim Jones: Long before they were New York Jets teammates, Michael Vick picked up the phone and called Geno Smith, then a senior at West Virginia. Vick imparted some advice to Smith about making the right decisions, then explained how much Smith's style of play reminded Vick of his cousin, former NFL quarterback Aaron Brooks.

» Jones added that the comfort level surrounding the Jets' quarterbacks feels more comfortable than it had in recent years. Smith and Vick both agreed on the comfort level. Said Vick: "Geno knows I'm going to push him, I'm going to compete with him, but that Geno also knows that I want the best for him."

» NFL Media's Rich Eisen has a first look at DeMarcus Ware in a Broncos uniform. The fancy filter adds to the allure:

» In a one-on-one with Eisen, head coach John Fox said that Ware will provide crucial leadership to Von Miller, who has been following the veteran "around like a little puppy."

» The start of training camp was bittersweet for the Broncos following Wednesday's announcement that owner Pat Bowlen would resign control of the team to focus on his health. In a one-on-one with Eisen, general manager John Elway -- who played under Bowlen during his career -- reminisced on the fact that Bowlen would sometimes show up to camp in better shape than his players. "He was a triathlete, did that for many years," Elway said. "I think that's why he had that competitive edge that he had, I think he has over the other owners -- the fact that he was a competitor and did compete like that and stayed in great shape. That we will miss."

» NFL Media Columnist Michael Silver spent some time with John Elway at Denver Broncos camp, who told Silver the Broncos' offseason plans were to get tougher in signing DeMarcus Ware and T.J. Ward. Ware told Silver, "He and Von Miller, assuming Von Miller returns to good health, are going to cause problems for people on opposite edges. That he's been mentoring Von." As if the rest of the AFC really needed to hear that.

» The Cowboys chose to forego team conditioning tests this season. In an ITC roundtable, Solomon Wilcots and Mike Tannenbaum debated whether it was a wise move. Per Wilcots, Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett decided against the tests in large part because of their proximity to the first practice. "I think he had more of an emphasis of wanting to take to the practice field for that first practice and have it be a meaningful one," Wilcots said. Added Tannenbaum: Garrett "has a lot of trust and confidence in the leadership of this team, the (Jason) Wittens and the (Tony) Romos of the world," to stay in shape and spread the message through the team.

» NFL Media's Desmond Purnell is deep in Cowboys country, Oxnard, California, to report on the Dallas' training camp. When asking Cowboys coach Jason Garrett and tight end Jason Witten, they both say quarterback Tony Romo looked "comfortable" in this morning's session. "They like the zoom he's putting on the ball," Purnell told Scott Hanson on ITC. Romo had back surgery in December but said in June he could play if he "had to."

» Looking good, Tony! He finds his favorite target Jason Witten in practice sans pads.

» Moving up the state, where NFL Media's Omar Ruiz hunkers down in Santa Clara, California, the day's storyline revolves around how Colin Kaepernick is evolving in his role as a leader. Offensive coordinator Greg Roman told Ruiz that Kapernick is "No. 1 in his mastery of the playbook" and "now a coach on the field." Those factors, per Ruiz, have led Kaepernick's teammates to "have confidence in him as a leader."

» Key arrival: After Bill Belichick's announcement Wednesday that Rob Gronkowski will not open up training camp on the PUP list, Gronk himself appeared on the field in Foxborough. According to Moss, the tight end participated in "rudimentary passing drills that were non-defensed." However, he was withheld from partial-contact 7-on-7 and 11-on-11 drills. "It's clear it's the beginning of a process," Moss said, adding that Gronkowski wore a brace on his right knee while his left forearm was "heavily done up."

» Speaking of Gronk: Tom Brady offered up this tidbit on the return of his stat-boosting target. Per NFL Media's Albert Breer: "When you have guys like that out there, your margin for error goes up." 

» Robert Griffin III continues his offseason resurgence. As the third-year signal-caller rediscovers the RGIII of old, head coach Jay Gruden said Thursday that the team is "just excited to give him the reps and continue to watch him to grow as a quarterback." Meanwhile, as Gruden transitions from Cincinnati, he's conceding the importance of letting RGIII use his legs

» NFL Media's Jeff Darlington relays quotes from Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall, who confirmed the return of RGIII's confidence:

» Speaking of DeAngelo Hall: new Redskins head coach Jay Gruden points to the 11th-year cornerback to be a critical leader of the team. "He's one of the veterans we're going to count on, one of the backbones of this defense," he said. "People respect DeAngelo Hall around the league. I know coming from another team I had a lot of respect for him as a player. With that respect I think will carry over into him being a leader." Hall has also developed a bit of a reputation of being a bit mouthy. But Gruden wants that from his veteran defensive back: "You kind of want some of that attitude, that cockiness, that confident air about you as long as it doesnt affect your play. He's proven the last few years that it doesn't affect his play and I think he's calmed down a little bit."

» It was a bit rainy with ominous clouds at Redskins camp, but that was no problem for starting running back Alfred Morris, University of South Florida product. "It was nothing -- it's like a walk in the park!" he told NFL Media's Jeff Darlington. While camp has yet to heat up, Morris revealed that he's been working on his pass-catching. "The more you can do, the more that you can get the ball, the more opportunity that you have to help your team to advance," the third-year back said. That sound you hear is his fantasy owners rejoicing.

» More on the Jets' ongoing -- if sometimes contradictory -- quarterback battle: NFL Media analyst Charley Casserly believes that Vick "is there as a true backup." The reason? Per Casserly, "this isn't the Michael Vick in his prime right now."

» Stud Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive tackle Gerald McCoy rolled into training camp in a luxurious fashion -- donning a bathrobe. "Nah, it's not a fashion statement ... it's comfort. It's gonna be my home for the next month or so. May as well get comfortable" Upon seeing this clip, when mentioned that he had mentored McCoy, a shocked NFL Media's Warren Sapp replied, "I still am mentoring (McCoy)." He clearly didn't think the robe was apropos.

» In a later roundtable on ITC, NFL Media's Mike Tannenbaum echoed Casserly, stating that Smith "is certainly the future" for the Jets. "And in this day and age when he throws two picks in some 7-on-7 drill, the market's gonna be a-flutter," Tannenbaum said, "but I think they do have a really good plan."

» On to the Jets' co-tenant: The New York Giants ended their practice 30 minutes early today for extra stretching and exercising. "What we've done is we studied the GPS information, which helps us structure the practice and to know when we should be doing things such as [stretching] and cutting down reps on the field," Giants coach Tom Coughlin said. "The whole purpose is to be able to come back and have a full-speed practice tomorrow." When asked if it's been a tough sell for him, he replied, "Well, I'm doing the best I can. How about that?" Not exactly a ringing endorsement.

» Saints veterans reported to camp today at The Greenbrier in White Sulpher Springs, West Virginia. Albert Breer was on the scene to preview the facility before the Saints take the field. It might not look that picturesque, but, according to Breer, Greenbrier -- whose complex went up in a mere 93 days and cost $30 million -- has been trying to recruit a team for years. Looks like the Saints took the bait.

» Well, here's the aforementioned practice field; it's a much better view from up top.

» The Saints players completed their conditioning tests today. Who else took part? Coach Sean Payton, who did it while battling a chest cold, telling NFL Media's Albert Breer, "It was tough." Respect.

» Peyton Manning took the field for the Broncos' first day of practice. It doesn't look like many people were interested:

» Working hard or hardly working? Eisen and NFL Media columnist Michael Silver took a break from ITC coverage to test out their selfie game. We'll give them extra points for the matching shirts:

» In related news (that is, reporters off duty), Kinkhabwala was lucky enough to capture a Kodak moment of NFL Media's Dan Hellie chasing after an ice cream truck. We're all better off for viewing it.

» Dying to know where and when every team is reporting? Fortunately for you, we've got a handy guide.

The latest "Around The League Podcast" offers up team-by-team training camp previews of the NFC East and NFC West.



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