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CFB Social: The week that was in social media


The College Football 24/7 home page and @NFL_CFB Twitter account are great ways to keep up with all the major news surrounding the college game. But what about the things that pop up on social media and don't make the headlines?

Well, we've come to answer that call by scouring Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and other social-media networks some coaches can't pronounce to find some of the best posts each week. Here are some of the things that caught our eye this week:

As someone who has both a first and last name that are frequently misspelled, I feel for you Myles Jack. Something tells me he'll soon be a household name, if his breakout offensive AND defensive season for UCLA in 2013 didn't already do that.

A big change happened this week as Notre Dame officially switched from Adidas to Under Armour for all their uniforms and apparel. That's one reason why the Irish found their way onto the 14 for '14 list for best uniforms in college football for the upcoming season.

Speaking of new gear, the Miami equipment room Twitter account posted this picture of the Hurricanes' slick new helmet and corresponding state of Florida decal on the back.

CFB 24/7 had several pieces in our "Position U" series go up this week and naturally some schools were excited at making their way into the rankings. Ohio State took a small issue with the Wide Receiver U rankings however despite placing third.

Speaking of the Buckeyes, one of the two teams that beat them last season made it all the way to the Rose Bowl and Michigan State's landmark victory in the Granddaddy of Them All was finally set in stone ... literally.

There are a handful of new stadiums opening around the country that serve as home to college football teams and one of them is just down the road from the Houston Texans.

The World Cup is one of the biggest events in the world and the U.S. Men's National Team's game against Belgium naturally drew plenty of attention from those who play the other kind of football, too.

Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Steven Sylvester might have had the best outfit for the game on Tuesday, however, as he stopped by his alma mater at Utah.

July 1st marked the official start of Big Ten life for Rutgers and Maryland as a number of conference realignment moves finally became official. Naturally this meant a trip to the East Coast for many of the Big Ten mascots, and they posted quite a few photos of themselves in Washington, D.C.

Finally, the college football world was shocked to hear about the tragic death of former Auburn tight end Philip Lutzenkirchen last week. All of the tributes from the Auburn Family were extremely classy and social media was able to pass along just how well-respected the young man was.

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