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Patriots' Darrelle Revis: I don't have to 'prove nothing'


Darrelle Revis has a new contract, a new team and a new outlook.

In the past, Revis might respond if another cornerback tried claim the "best corner" crown. Now with the New England Patriots, the veteran isn't worried about proving he's back to top form after suffering an ACL tear in 2012.

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"No, I don't feel like I have to prove nothing to anybody. The only thing I have to prove is to my teammates, that I'm there for them and I'm there to win games and help us win," he told the Boston Globe's Shalise Manza Young.

Revis famously has traded barbs with Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman over the corner crown and told Around The League at the Pro Bowl he felt he was still "the best" cover corner in the NFL.

Now, the cornerback isn't fretting about titles -- he's just chasing one.

"All that other stuff, it really don't matter," Revis said. "It really doesn't. Anybody can say anything; it is what it is. I respect all those guys, I really do. I respect them all."

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