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Jets' Michael Vick on running QBs: I started it all


With the increased number of athletic, running, dual-threat quarterbacks such as Colin Kaepernick and Robert Griffin III adjusting to the NFL landscape, Michael Vick want's everyone to remember he was the trend-setter.

"I was the guy who started it all," the New York Jets quarterback told "I revolutionized the game. I changed the way it was played in the NFL."

To be fair, Vick might have forgotten some of his NFL history lessons. There were plenty of mobile quarterbacks before Vick, such as Fran Tarkenton, Randall Cunningham, Steve McNair, Donovan McNabb, Steve Young and many, many others.

Putting aside who was first, Vick is absolutely correct in that he was the on-field model for many of today's young players. He was the quarterback you picked in Madden. He was the one players have admitted to emulating on a football field while growing up.

Despite missing two full seasons in the prime of his NFL career while serving a prison sentence, Vick is still the all-time leader in rushing at the position with 5,857 yards and tops in yards per carry at 7.1.

"The things I've done, I've pretty much surpassed myself and expectations -- over 25,000 yards in total offense in the NFL, and I missed a lot of years and a lot of games," he said. "That's more the reason I have to keep it going."

In his wide-ranging interview with, Vick, who'll be 34 this season, again concedes he's the backup in New York to Geno Smith, but reiterated that he can still be a starting NFL quarterback.

Whenever Vick's NFL days do end, there is no question that he will be remembered as one of the greatest running quarterbacks ever to step on the field.

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