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Joe Haden to Johnny Manziel: Get a 'phone valet'


As the NFL world enters the downtime between offseason activities and July training camps, players will have plenty of opportunities for extracurricular activities.

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In advance of the vacation period, Cleveland Browns cornerback Joe Haden had some advice for teammate and uber-popular rookie quarterback Johnny Manziel: Put the phones away.

"I just really think Johnny needs to maybe check his friends a little bit," Haden told WKNR-AM on Friday, per "Everybody's going to go out, everybody's going to have a good time. But you've got to make sure when you're with your people it just doesn't get out.

"You need to have a phone valet. Tell your friends 'put your phones away.' We're going to go out and have a good time and just don't record what you're doing."

Haden is no doubt referring to Twitter pics and Instagram videos of Manziel that are floating around the Internet.

The corner said that when Manziel is with the team, he is all business and added that the off-field stuff doesn't bother his teammates. However, some of it's avoidable. 

"Everybody has fun, trust me," Haden, 25, said. "Everybody does. But everybody's not Johnny Football. So I think you're kind of like 'C'mon Johnny, you represent. You're going to have a good time for sure, nobody has a problem with it. But just try to have fun without the whole world knowing.'"

It's good advice not just for Manziel, but for us all.

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