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Antonio Cromartie: Revis and I still NFL's best CBs


Arizona Cardinals cornerback Antonio Cromartie has weighed in on the great cornerback debate of 2014.

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Appearing on Thursday's edition of NFL Total Access, Cromartie chose current teammate Patrick Peterson as the NFL's most talented cornerback and former teammate Darrelle Revis as the NFL's best all-around corner.

The entertainment didn't start until the poll results for the league's best corner were displayed on the video wall, showing Sherman as the fans' choice over Peterson, Revis and Joe Haden.

Cromartie jumped out of his chair and demanded, "Hold on. Where my name?"

"If y'all just want to go off one or two seasons ... that's fine and dandy," Cromartie said. "But go over the longevity of my career and then match it up against these right here."

Cromartie made a stronger case than one would expect for a player admittedly coming off a "down year" nursing a nagging hip injury, pointing out a body of work that includes the NFL's only double-digit interception season since 2007 and a stellar 2012 campaign while Revis was on the shelf.

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"To me, right now, it's either me or (Revis)," Cromartie went on. "You got three guys that's up and coming, but right now it's either me or this guy -- when we're healthy.

"And when we're healthy we know what we can do on the football field. We've both shown it in a Rex Ryan defense with zero help. We tell that safety to roll up to the other side. ... I want these guys to be on an island by themselves and play zero coverage. They (haven't) done it yet. They (haven't) done nothing that me and Rev have done in Rex Ryan's defense."

Cromartie explained that Sherman is helped by "two All-Pro safeties" playing over the top.

"Richard, if you're watching," Cromartie continued, "I understand you're going to say something about it."

If recent history is any indication, Cromartie will be hearing from Sherman as early as Friday.

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