Michael Vick: Premature to back up this early in career


Every good actor knows how to play his role, even if he believes he can be the leading man. In New York, Jets quarterback Michael Vick understands he's playing a supporting role to Geno Smith.

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However, Vick continued his offseason comments about his ability, telling Newsday's Bob Glauber after Tuesday's minicamp practice that he's got enough left in the tank to be a starting NFL signal-caller.

Vick believes it's a little early in the game to submit to being a fulltime backup quarterback.

"It's different, it's different,'' Vick said of being a backup. "A little premature, if you ask me.

"I think being a backup this early in my career is premature,'' he clarified. "I think there are circumstances surrounding that, but I'm confident I'll have an opportunity again.''

Vick, 33, believes his window for being a starting quarterback will be open for several more years.

"Maybe three years,'' he said. "I still feel good. My coaches say I don't look like I've lost anything. I'm still going strong.''

Vick signed a one-year, $4 million contract with the Jets and sounds committed to finding a spot where he can start in the future.

"Will it be here? I don't know,'' he told Glauber. "I can't say where it's going to be, but I think I'll have an opportunity again.''

Vick reiterated that he had "an understanding of what it was going to be" when he signed with the Jets. (Likely that understanding was he would be an insurance policy if Smith bombed). Still, for a man with one of the most turbulent careers, Vick knows there are worse places to be than the Jets' backup.

"You just have to keep the faith,'' he said. "It's all that you can do. A lot of situations are beyond my control, but you know what? I spent 18 months in prison not playing football. I'm playing football, so I've got nothing to complain about. That keeps it in perspective for me.''

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