Robert Griffin III explains 'the movement' for Redskins


The Washington Redskins are as happy as any team in football to leave behind the 2013 season, a dumpster-fire campaign that knocked the entire organization on its metaphorical backside.

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New year, new attitude. That according to Robert Griffin III, who casually dropped the team's new mantra in a one-on-one conversation with NFL Media's Albert Breer on Tuesday.

"Our expectations, are always, there is only one happy team at the end of the year," Griffin said. "You're either the Super Bowl champion, or you're not the Super Bowl champion, and we want to be Super Bowl champions. It starts one game at a time, and a week at a time, and we've taken care of that on this movement that we like to call, and we are looking forward to training camp.

And what exactly is "the movement?"

"The movement is just an identity for us," RGIII explained. "What's going to be our identity? 'The Hogs' had their identity. We're not the Hogs. We're a fast, explosive football team both on offense and defense.

"What brand of football are we going to play?" Griffin continued. "Are we a physical football team? Or are we going to be a strong football team? And that's for us to decide, and I think we are deciding that right now, and we have a little bit of everything, so that's good."

"The Hogs" was the nickname given to the Redskins' punishing offensive lines of the Joe Gibbs golden years in the 1980s and early '90s. "The movement" has a nice ring to it, but winning is the only way to make it stick.

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