Niners' Jim Harbaugh, Dockers finally combine forces


In hindsight, it's kind of crazy it took so long for the people of Dockers to get into business with Jim Harbaugh, perhaps the most recognizable khakis fan in the game right now.

The above ad from the dress-pants giant features the San Francisco 49ers coach, his wife Sarah and several small children we presume to be Harbaugh spawn. Sarah, of course, has been vocal in her disdain for Jim's proclivity to wear highly economical and deeply pleated tan khakis.

Sarah is all about the flat-front cut, which to her point, surged past pleats in the court of public opinion sometime around the second Clinton administration.

Anyway, the Dockers folk wisely assigned Jim a non-speaking role in the commercial. This makes a lot of sense given what Harbaugh has put on tape. No one can hide from the tape.

The end to the latest Around The League Podcast is full of shock and awe.