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Jameis Winston's girlfriend makes one-handed catch


If Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston has any trouble finding Seminoles receivers to work out with this summer (other than himself, that is), his backup option is a good one: girlfriend Breion Allen.

The Heisman Trophy winner posted this Instagram clip of himself throwing a short post route to Allen, who not only makes a one-handed catch, but puts a twist on her touchdown celebration, as well:

Yep, as Winston described, Allen went with the "Euro Step" -- the basketball move practiced by many but perfected by San Antonio Spurs star Manu Ginobili -- before laying the ball over the goalpost. Turns out, the Euro Step probably comes more naturally to Allen than catching a football, anyway. She is a 5-foot-9 guard on the Rice basketball team who played 213 minutes off the bench for the Owls last season.

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