Amendola hangs up on radio host after injury inquiries


After missing 24 games over the past three seasons, Danny Amendola knows that his durability is a talking point.

He just doesn't want to be the one doing the talking.

The New England Patriots wide receiver hung up on a local radio station Tuesday night following back-to-back questions about his spotty injury history.

After touting Amendola's charity work and asking the pass-catcher to sum up his first season with the Pats, WBZ-FM host Adam Jones of The Adam Jones Show used the words "injury-prone," "unlucky" and "fragile" to open the discussion about Amendola's health.

"That's not something I really think about," Amendola said.

Instead of moving on, Jones doubled down.

"You've been described as 'unlucky' with some of your injuries," Jones said. "We all remember that clavicle injury that you suffered as a member of the St. Louis Rams, and I remember a hit that you took a year against the --"


Amendola was gone.

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