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Florida State QB Jameis Winston completes pass to self

Jameis Winston has more time to devote to football now that Florida State's baseball season is over.

Now that the Florida State baseball team has been eliminated from NCAA Regional play, it's not surprising that we find Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback Jameis Winston, who doubles as the Seminoles' closer on the mound, with a pigskin once again in his hand.

Winston's transition from baseball back to football took a light-hearted approach with this Instagram video of Winston completing a pass to himself:

Neat, but not original.

High school recruit Gary Haynes posted the same trick with a social media video and drew quite a bit of acclaim for it earlier this year.

Of course, in both videos, we don't get to see how much air the subjects put underneath their self-caught passes. As such, distance isn't as compelling a factor as altitude. We can all catch a pass to ourselves if the ball is thrown high enough. It would be nice if the field on which Winston performed the trick was lined and marked for yardage, but alas, it's not. We'll estimate Winston ran in the neighborhood of 20-25 yards to catch his throw.

So is Winston's feat more or less impressive than fellow Heisman winner Johnny Manziel catching a pass on a jet ski? You be the judge.

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