Chip Kelly utilizes new contraptions at Eagles OTAs


Chip Kelly's coaching staff continues the use of new contraptions to spice up practices.

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Earlier this month the Philadelphia Eagles coach made headlines when he utilized a remote control car to simulate motion -- when rules prohibited offenses and defenses facing each other.

During OTAs this week the Philly Innovator busted out two new contraptions.

Philadelphia Magazine's Sheil Kapadia, in his detailed running diary of the Eagles' Thursday practice, pointed to two novel drills.

The first appears to be an anti-fumbling routine, while the second is meant for running backs to practice becoming small to get through holes.

We'll let Kapadia's words describe the contraptions:

"We have our first new practice contraption (at least I think it's new) of the 2014 season. Two running backs stand about 5 yards apart, facing the same direction. The guy in back has a blue belt around his waist. A cord extends from the blue belt to the football that the running back in front is carrying. The player with the ball lunges forward as far as possible, maintaining possession of the ball while fighting the weight of the player behind him."

And later...

"Another new device. We'll call this one the doorway. That's what it looks like - a red doorway for really little people. Or if you've ever played ladder ball, it looks like that contraption, only with the one bar up top. Running backs take the handoffs from Duce Staley, make themselves small and run through it. Jimmy Kempski of promised a drawing of this apparatus. By the way, Darren Sproles is having no trouble fitting through this thing."

As was discussed on a recent edition of the "Around The League Podcast" these types of ingenuities don't mean Kelly is recreating the wheel. But the nuances create a different way of thinking and practicing for players who often fall into pits of monotony.

Kelly hasn't just added these drills, but also upped the ante on the pace. According to the Morning Call, the Eagles' already fast practices are now moving "like a drag race."

After the team came in just 13th in total plays last season, and with most players having a year in his system, Kelly apparently feels the need for speed.

The latest "Around The League Podcast" breaks down the news and examines developments from the first week of OTAs.