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Steve Smith ready to deliver 'humble pie' to critics


Steve Smith might have left Carolina, but the 35-year-old receiver took that chip on his shoulder with him to Baltimore.

When asked after OTAs on Thursday whether or not his best days were behind him, Smith scoffed.

"The sense of urgency, I could really (not) care less about that," Smith said, per The Baltimore Sun. "The (defensive back) that's going to be sitting in front of me, he's going to find out how much I have left in the tank, and he'll find out real quick."

As Smith enters his 14th season, the Carolina Panthers cited Smith's reduced production as the reason they cut him. Regardless of what his critics believe, the veteran receiver is out to make sure players understand the rules and regulations of the game are still: 89, bottom line.

"I love competition," Smith said. "Obviously, you (reporters) seem to always have something to say and have a comment, so I love to read those. And I'd like to serve a little humble pie to you and do a little better than what you think."

Smith's production fell in 2013 -- after two consecutive 1,000-yard seasons -- and he appeared to have lost a step, negating his ability to get deep. However, the receiver said the amount of interest he got on the open market means other teams know what he brings to the table in 2014.

"There aren't too many 35-year-olds that are getting recruited to play for five or six other teams," Smith said. "I look at that and say: 'I must be doing something right.'"

The Ravens believe Smith adds toughness and will fill the Anquan Boldin role they lacked last year.

And just in case any Panthers fans wondered if Smith had gotten over his grudge:

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