Rob Gronkowski and Julian Edelman do meta things


What do Rob Gronkowski and Julian Edelman have in common with Ryan Gosling and Macaulay Culkin?

Nothing. Literally nothing.

That said, they do share some connective tissue. The back story: Last year, Gosling was photographed wearing a T-shirt that featured an image of Culkin from his "Home Alone" Kevin McCallister days.

A year later, Culkin made headlines for himself (and his weird Velvet Underground tribute band) by making a T-shirt that featured a photo of the paparazzi shot of Gosling wearing the Culkin T-shirt.

Are you still with me? If so, that's impressive. Now the Patriots connection. In reference to this seminal meta moment in American popular culture, Edelman made up a T-shirt that features a photo of a partying Gronkowski:

Gronk, who almost certainly wasn't aware of the Culkin-Gosling back story and really is just about the good times, returned serve with a T-shirt of Edelman wearing the Gronk shirt.

You can't possibly still be here. You are? Awesome.

Obviously, the biggest takeaway here is that members of the New England Patriots are having light-hearted fun in a public setting. They must be stopped so as to preserve tranquility along Patriot Way.

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