Debate: Which senior will be highest player drafted in 2015?

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A third season at offensive tackle could boost Cameron Erving's stock for the 2015 NFL Draft.

The 2014 college football season will go a long way in determing the order players fall in the 2015 NFL Draft. But a year out, which senior do you think will be the highest player drafted in 2015?

  • Gil Brandt
  • Erving's decision to stay in school will pay dividends

    Florida State offensive tackle Cameron Erving is tall (6-foot-6), has long arms and a lot of athletic ability. He missed the 2010 season with a back injury that has not bothered him since. He's a converted defensive tackle, and 2012 and 2013 are really his first years as an offensive lineman. He stayed in school for his senior season and that was a good decision.

    Another player I would like to mention is Baylor quarterback Bryce Petty, who will be a surprise quarterback for many by the time the season's over. Petty transferred to Baylor after initially signing with Tennessee after high school. So he's a fifth-year player in a very good system. He has a chance to become a first-round pick.
  • Mike Huguenin College Football 24/7
  • Erving is best among senior offensive tackles

    The first senior off the board in the 2015 draft will be an offensive tackle. Which one? That's a good question. Florida State's Cameron Erving, Texas A&M's Cedric Ogbuehi and Iowa's Brandon Scherff are the top three senior tackles. I'll go with Erving because I think he has the highest upside. This will be just his third season as an offensive lineman, and he already has made great strides. He is a former defensive lineman, and he plays offensive tackle with that type of mentality. When he is at his best, he is unbeatable off the edge.
  • Chase Goodbread College Football 24/7
  • Iowa tackle a 'safe' pick

    Iowa left tackle Brandon Scherff brings the dual value of not only playing at an elite level, but doing it at a premium position as well. Scherff has every physical tool, but beyond that, has a great track record for leadership and intangible qualities as well. As such, he could end up being considered, as Texas A&M's Jake Matthews and Buffalo's Khalil Mack were this year, the 2015 draft's "safe" pick. The big tape for Scherff will be a season-finale performance against Nebraska star pass rusher Randy Gregory, at Iowa, on the Friday after Thanksgiving. Easy on the gravy, Brandon.
  • Bryan Fischer College Football 24/7
  • Ogbuehi can continue A&M's impressive recent draft run

    I'll go with Cedric Ogbuehi to make it three consecutive years with a Texas A&M lineman in the top 10. He's one of the more polished products and will have three seasons against SEC competition on tape. His versatility to play both guard and tackle will help him in the eyes of some teams too. Sherff might turn into the best tackle on the board after the season. There are enough talented juniors to push all the seniors out of the top half of the draft's first round, but my pick is Ogbuehi until proven otherwise.


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