NFL owners to pick Super Bowl LII host on Tuesday

The 2014 Spring League Meeting kicked off Monday in Atlanta, where several key issues will be discussed.

NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport dropped a breakdown Monday of some of the topics owners plan to discuss, according to league sources:

» The host for Super Bowl LII is one item on which we know owners will vote on Tuesday. The three finalist cities for the 2018 bonanza are: New Orleans, Minneapolis and Indianapolis.

It's presumed that New Orleans is the front-runner heading into the meetings. The Crescent City is undefeated in its bids to host a Super Bowl (10 for 10). It is also worth noting that New Orleans is celebrating its tricentennial in 2018.

Minneapolis, on the other hand, will be sporting a brand-new stadium for the league to show off. Indianapolis has been given high praise for Super Bowl XLVI and is a city the league likes working with, which could make a return tempting.

» Expanding the playoffs from 12 to 14 teams will be discussed. Rapoport reported that a vote is unlikely, however. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell previously said if the owners didn't vote at the spring meeting, the earliest that playoff expansion could take place is 2015.

» Owners will talk more about workplace conduct and environment, following up on the NFL/NFL Players Association meeting a few weeks ago.

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» The future of the draft will be discussed. The NFL is considering several options, including changing the date, changing the city (or even utilizing multiple cities) and stretching the draft out over four days.

Moving the draft from Radio City Music Hall has become a commonly discussed proposition. Multiple cities already are openly campaigning to host the draft. Given the draft's popularity, the NFL might consider moving it to a different city each day. While that plan might be toughest on TV personnel, it might hold fans' attention deeper into the weekend.

The crowd on Day 3 of the draft usually thins out. Placing it in a location that hasn't previously hosted the event could theoretically rejuvenate the on-site experience. Perhaps placing the latter days in cities where college football is popular might make the most sense.

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