Cowboys drafted players who won't 'pee their pants'


Every NFL team sets its own standards to define the measure of a man.

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Dallas Cowboys' draft czar Will McClay -- the talent evaluator Jerry Jones gave a glowing review of following the draft -- believes that given the popularity and amount of national attention America's Team garners, the squad had to identify players who could hold their bladder.

"I think it was important for us to say," McClay explained to DC Star Magazine of the team's official website, "if we're trying to build this thing and get to a point where we can win now, who has been able to handle the pressure of a big-time program?

"Who will most likely be able to come into a situation like the Dallas Cowboys and the microscope that we're under with all the games we play on national TV, and not, pardon the expression, pee their pants? We want grown men that are able to handle the situation."

Clearly McClay didn't attend the Billy Madison school for cool.

The Cowboys drafted nine players, with five of those coming in the seventh round. Dallas didn't select a skill-position player until the fifth round and didn't get secondary help until the final round.

It's a fact that the Cowboys are generally under more scrutiny than most professional teams; just ask Tony Romo. Scouting and drafting are only part of the non-bedwetting persona, however. The rest falls on Jason Garrett's coaching staff to prepare these "grown men" to compete under the spotlight that comes with playing for Jerry Jones' team.

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