Jeff Fisher knows Michael Sam faces 'big challenge'


Michael Sam became one of the most notable seventh-round picks in NFL history when the openly gay former Missouri star was taken off the board by the St. Louis Rams on Saturday evening.

NFL Media columnist Michael Silver, conveniently embedded in the Rams' war room all weekend, had a bird's eye view of how it all went down, culminating with Jeff Fisher -- or JFF as Silver puts it -- steering the Rams toward history.

"I know exactly what we're getting into, and I'm not worried at all," Fisher said Saturday night. "Michael Sam will help us, and we'll give him every chance to succeed, and you know what? It's gonna be pretty cool."

Fisher was the driving force behind the move, but Sam won't get privileged treatment. It will be an uphill climb for Sam to make the roster -- as it is for any late-round pick. Fisher won't hide that.

"I know he's up against a big challenge," he said. "On paper, we don't really need him. But you know what? (Defensive line coach) Mike Waufle will coach him up, and he'll figure out a way to maximize his particular skill set.

"And (defensive coordinator Gregg Williams) is a mad scientist, and he'll come up with a scheme that suits his talents. I can see it now, during the preseason. Gregg will be on the sidelines yelling, 'Sam! Sam! Sam!' We'll have a package, and we'll roll it out, and he'll get after it."

We highly suggest you read Silver's full piece, which really gives you an idea of the moving parts that accompany the three-day draft process. As for Sam, the Rams have to know there will be criticism -- fair or not -- if he's cut in a few months. It all came in the package of a historic decision.

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