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Report: Bucs rejected trade requests for Mike Glennon


With Josh McCown penciled in as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' starting quarterback in 2014, one popular storyline entering draft weekend stated that general manager Jason Licht could draft his future starter and jettison second-year signal-caller Mike Glennon.

Neither happened.

The Bucs actually rebuffed trade requests from at least half a dozen teams, the Tampa Bay Times reported, with some teams calling multiple times during the draft.

"There's a lot of interest and we want to keep Mike," Licht said Saturday. "(They were) just feeling it out. I know that Mike has a very good reputation throughout the league as far as his developmental future."

In the months leading up to the draft, it appeared the franchise wasn't sold on Glennon. Whether they were unable to select a quarterback where they wanted to in the draft, never got a good enough offer for Glennon or used the plotline as a smokescreen the entire time appears irrelevant at this stage.

After all the speculation, coach Lovie Smith clarified his stance on Glennon.

"A lot of talk has gone on about Mike Glennon,'' Smith said. "What I've said is Josh McCown is our starter, which he is. ... But what I've said is that we like Mike Glennon and Mike has an excellent future in the league and that's how it's played out ...

"I've been in position meetings with Mike, I've been around Mike in every environment that you can think of," Smith continued. "And then just watch him on the football field and what you ask a quarterback to do. Smart. Makes checks. And then throw the football. Mike can make all the throws. I knew what he can do throwing-wise and all that before, but to just see it up close and personal.''

Tampa spent all six of its draft picks on offense but didn't take a quarterback. At least for today, the Bucs appear pleased to have Glennon as their young project signal-caller.

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