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Panthers GM Dave Gettleman to Skype in to draft Day 3


Carolina Panthers general manager Dave Gettleman is putting family before football on the final day of the 2014 NFL Draft.

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Gettleman said he will run the third day of the draft remotely via Skype from Worchester, Mass., in order to attend the graduation ceremony for his son, Sam.

"It's important to be there for our children's life events," he said.

The ceremony will not conflict with the final four rounds of the draft. The Panthers have one pick remaining in each round.

"Through the process of technology, nothing will change," Gettleman said, per The Associated Press. "The process will be exactly the same."

Panthers fans have become frustrated with the general manager during the offseason, due to his staunch insistence on getting the team back on firm financial footing.

Consternation toward a general manager is a fan's prerogative. Some will undoubtedly argue that missing the final day of a draft is an indication that Gettleman's head isn't in the right place.

However, that line of thinking is misguided. Given the technological capabilities, the amount of prep work and assistants the Panthers have, whether or not Gettleman is physically in the room will have no impact on the Panthers' draft strategy.

People constantly harp on the fact that there is more to life than football. Gettleman is living that belief out.

The concern was so minute that coach Ron Rivera was able to joke about the Panthers' final four picks.

"If all 4 picks are defense, you know what happened," he quipped.

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